Dr Jie Jiang to share lessons learned from research strategy of the HomeSense project at UK/Japan Workshop on Acceptability and Value of IoT


CRESS Research Fellow in Computational Social Science Dr Jie Jiang
CRESS Research Fellow in Computational Social Science Dr Jie Jiang

On 7 & 8 September, CRESS Research Fellow in Computational Social Science Dr Jie Jiang will be attending a Joint UK/Japan Workshop on ‘Acceptability and Value of IoT in the Home’ at the British Embassy Tokyo, at which she’ll present a paper titled ‘Using IoT to study life at home’, sharing the lessons learned from designing, implementing and practising a sensor-based research strategy for the Homesense project.

Supported by funding from FCO, EPSRC and the PETRAS Internet of Things Research Hub, the workshop includes presentations intended to illuminate the challenges and provide insights into the acceptability and value of IoT in the context of ‘the home’.

Security, privacy, engagement and benefit

The talk is based on work done for HomeSense, an ESRC funded project to provide guidelines for using sensors in homes for researching energy-related practices, assisted living arrangements, and aspects of family life.

For the research, homes have been fitted with multiple sensors measuring light, sound, temperature, particulates, and proximity, and electrical energy consumed. Household members were also given Bluetooth enabled wristbands to wear.

During a three month period, the data from these sensors was logged at 5 minute intervals, and for four days during the period, participants filled out a time use diary. In addition, participants were interviewed twice.

The presentation will cover four aspects of Homesense participants’ concerns about living with sensors in their homes:

  • Security: relating to issues about how sensor data is collected, stored and accessed.
  • Privacy: relating to issues of anonymity, what data is collected, and how and with whom it is shared.
  • Engagement: relating to whether the participants’ daily routines are disturbed and what is required of them.
  • Benefit: raising questions about what sensor technologies can do for people.

For each aspect, Jie will take illustrative examples reflecting on the decision-making, trade-offs and responses from the study participants.

‘Acceptability and Value of IoT in the Home’ is organised by Professor Derek McAuley, Horizon, University of Nottingham; Dr. Madeline Carr, PETRAS, University of Cardiff; and Dr. Tatsuya Kurosaka, Keio University.

UK Embassy supporting research in ICT sector bilateral trade significant potential growth in bilateral trade

The British Embassy in Tokyo has identified the Digital and ICT sector as an area of significant potential growth in bilateral trade, investment and cooperation between the UK and Japan, and is currently supporting research into the market situation and Japan’s Digital strategy.

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