2016 NCRM Annual Centre Meeting

The ICS Desk EGG, early stage of development
The ICS Desk EGG, early stage of development

Nigel Gilbert introduced the HomeSense project, its design, objectives and the people involved.

Nigel used the opportunity to explain the process of adapting and developing sensors for the field trial, and he discussed some of the questions the project is addressing:
*  What do we know about activities and interactions in the home?
*  What can be measured?
*  Which technologies work, and how to assemble and configure them?
*  What are the practical problems of installing sensors in homes?
*  How should one handle privacy and security?
*  What are the ethical issues to be considered?
*  How does one obtain informed consent, and from whom?
*  What is the best way to recruit and motivate participants?

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