Please contact the project manager, Dr Kristrún Gunnarsdóttir, or CRESS director, Prof. Nigel Gilbert, for enquiries about the HomeSense field trial, the data and/or future collaborations.

HomeSense researchers:
Prof Nigel Gilbert – Professor in Sociology
Prof Klaus Moessner – Professor in Cognitive Networks
Dr Kristrún Gunnarsdóttir – CRESS Research Fellow
Dr Jie Jiang – CRESS Research Fellow
Dr Riccardo Pozza – ICS / 5GIC Research Fellow

Other contributors:
Dr William Headley – Former ICS / 5GIC Research Fellow
Dr Ewa Luger – Microsoft Research Cambridge
Dr Maria Xenitidou – CRESS Research Fellow
Dr Kavin Narasimhan – CRESS Research Fellow
Dr Thomas Roberts – Lecturer in Sociology
Dr Corinna Elsenbroich – Lecturer in Sociology
Dr Robert Meadows – Reader in Sociology
Mr Tim Watt – Social Media Coordinator